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2019 TEDxLugano’s theme

We wish to talk about how a tailor-made approach to life has become a basic building block of modern reality due to new emerging technologies and the desire for a better life experience. The universality and breadth of the theme allows also reflecting other sides, including the ethical aspects and the implications of mass personalization on the individual and on society.
From technology, entertainment, and design - to science, business, and global issues.

After the era of mass production, the past two decades have seen a slow but powerful shift back towards valuing personalization. This trend is fed both by people who want or need unique solutions and by advancements in technologies, medicine, design, and manufacturing.

3D modelling, smart algorithms, robotics, virtual reality, genetics, online configuration tools, and social media have allowed industries to produce custom items that are no longer reserved to a privileged few. From healthcare and life science, to fashion and furniture, holidays and hospitality, food, cars, home goods, almost everything has become tailor-made in order to suit our needs and desires.

Tailoring is not only applicable to products and services. We are moving into a more targeted education for our children, to more personal communication channels, and in general as humans from having to being, with a deeper reflection on ourselves as individuals.

"Tailor-made" wishes to explore the trend in its many facets. We wish to talk about the bigger picture where personalization is pushing to the cutting edge all technologies, skills and capabilities. We aim at discussing the challenges of being unique, the ethical aspects linked to data privacy and the overall implications on society in terms of new professions and ways of living.

Speakers Curator contact

Our team will be happy to help you with all requests and questions.
Please contact our Speakers curator: speakers@tedxlugano.com

Rules and guidelines

Please read and understand the rules and the guidelines of TEDx before you apply:

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Speaker Process

The candidate completes the online application form by providing the following information:

  • Short bio
  • Portrait photo (at least 1000x1000px)
  • Reason to apply to this particular event
  • Your idea worth spreading
  • Talk abstract
  • Short video of previous presentations or a 2-3 min video outlining your idea. Uploading a video is not mandatory but strongly recommended to improve chances of your application


Screened speakers will be contacted by the Speakers Curator for a follow-up conversation. Candidates will then be assessed by a TEDxLugano committee and a first list of speakers will be selected.

Candidate prepares full presentation script and slides.

Speakers Curator takes care of the candidate and helps him/her to improve the presentation.

Rehearsal of the speech takes place either via recorded video or live via skype with the Speakers Curator at least 3 times.

Live rehearsal in Lugano and at the venue 1-2 days before the event